Float like a butterfly

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee: #takethecity

June, 2011

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Mohamed Ali

The nomad guerrilla is the opposite of an army […] Fighting to convince, not to conquer, for diversity, not identity, above all, to transform itself into the space renewed by the wind, a vector, not to shape the world in its image and likeness. The wind is not preserved, the wind just keeps blowing, eroding and moving solid forms while it deviates.

Wu Ming 4

At the meeting of encampments, other cities told us about the thousands of actions that took place in only two weeks of movement:
Occupations and closing off bank branches and offices of the INEM, stopping evictions, cacerolados in the streets, barter markets, cash withdrawals at bank branches to run out of liquidity, following politicians so to constantly protest them, blocking institutional events… and performances showing incredible imagination: “fainting” and “shouting” groups in crowded spaces, hulahops at the entry of bank offices (for people to “go through the hoops”), theatrical renditions of the eviction in Barcelona, rallies of the “party of the bank”, the “funeral for democracy”with mourners, mass CV deliveries to the parties that promise jobs … An increase in imagination and a desire to be together that points to the perpetrators, while creating other ways of living shared public space.

In Madrid, with its metropolitan dimensions, the specific gravity of the camp (the time required for its management, the debate on proposals to lift the encampment) and the neighborhood work has made it impossible for these types of interventions to multiply. And it’s past time. After taking Sol and taking the neighborhood plazas, it’s now time to take Madrid, transforming the encampment into a continuous movement: for the proposed actions from the neighborhoods, simultaneous and consecutive, decentralized and “all for one”, to produce a multiplier effect. An effect that is not predefined or thought of by a superior mind, but is the consequence of thousands of people who want a profound transformation of what is.

Like in other occasions, this type of guerrilla is more effective than the entrenchment form of warfare (like the encampment was). Guerrillas are mobile, they attack key points, they function autonomously but aggregate their effects, they are difficult to stop, to control, to anticipate. Not guerrillas that think of themselves as the vanguard, but guerrillas that are normal people, “those from below”, that defend forms of life, that know the terrain: swarms of bees that know when and where to sting. Bees that are everywhere, floating, to escape the punches; and that return time and time again to point to the truth, to bite and sting. To be quick and sharp like bees, to be light and calm like butterflies, with the firm spirit of those that know that truth and aspire to be more.






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