translated texts


From May 2011:

Nylon Threads. From the Movement against the War to 15-M

They All Have to Go. Let’s build our own world
Santiago López Petit

The Challenge after May-15: Reinvent Democracy

Sol, or when the impossible becomes unstoppable
Marta Malo

It’s the Real Democracy, Stupid
Emmanuel Rodríguez and Tomás Herrero

Notes from #acampadasol
Amador Fernández Savater

It’s not just Indignation. Inventing new ways of doing politics.
Montserrat Galcerán

Seven key words on the Madrid-Sol experience, 15M
Guillermo Kaejane

The Left at the Abyss of Democracy: Between 11-M 2004 and 15-M 2011
Marcelo Expósito, Tomás Herrero and Emmanuel Rodríguez

June 2011:

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee:  #takethecity

Disappear from the Sun


How to organize a climate?
Amador Fernández Savater

From “no to the war” to the 15-M
Amador Fernández Savater



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