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This is not a demonstration – Actions, constructions and revolutionary turns to save the world.

In the past two years we have completely reinvented the way we try to transform the world into a place where life does not hurt. The old demonstrations, so grey and limited, become obsolete and useless, and have given way to an infinity of possibilities. We rethought the action, the complaint, the relationships, the public, … Continue reading

The Republic of the 99%

Amador Fernandez-Savater, April 26, 2012 “More wood, this is war!” The train in the Marx Brothers’ film is the most accurate picture of present-day capitalism. Running away, fleeing forward, dismantling itself to further fuel the machine: destroying rights, guarantees, life, wealth, resources, care, bonds, the entire building of modern social civilization. The mad rush of … Continue reading

19jmani madrid

One month on

It’s the eve of June 15th, basically one month after the protests that started the mass movement throughout the Spanish state that has been occupying main squares, conducting mass assemblies and rallying large numbers of people for protests, direct actions, self-education and many other activities.  It has been one month of intense activity, on a … Continue reading

Goodbye to Acampada Sol

After what seems to like an eternity (in all the good and bad ways), the encampment in the Puerta de Sol has finally been taken up. The reasons were simple and many, the debate and the decision were not (one of the reasons that the encampment needed to go). The primary reason (or at least … Continue reading

“The Spanish Model”

A great article about some of the causes of the economic crisis in Spain in the New Left Review by Isidro López & Emmanuel Rodríguez of the Observatorio Metropolitano (Metropolitan Observatory) It’s largely a summary of their research for Fin de ciclo. Financiarización, territorio y sociedad de propietarios en la onda larga del capitalismo hispano … Continue reading

june 2

We’re just back from the ‘political assembly’ of the encampment in the city we live in (Zaragoza).  The political assembly is probably the ‘heart’ of the movement here (and probably elsewhere)- it’s where the most people come and participate- people camping and participants supporters who aren’t, seasoned activists, and folks coming out for the first … Continue reading


SOME CONTEXT Many in Spain are commenting on the current mobilizing as the first ‘serious’ and massive response to the crisis measures.  There was a sense of ‘why isn’t something happening here’ as people heard of the Greek rebellion of 2008, or the Anomalous wave in Italy in 08-09.  To be sure things were happening. … Continue reading

part 2: what is acampada sol?

1. an encampment in the Puerta Sol consisting of: tables for the different working groups and committees; 3 food stations; 2 infirmaries; a library (with a comfy couch and lots of books); a  children’s space (with matted floors, toys and books); an art space (where people make signs and other artworks for the encampment); a … Continue reading

part 1: a march and a plaza

I had the good luck to arrive in Spain on May 14, the day before the “#spanishrevolution” was to begin. Of course, it wasn’t entirely luck, I had been inundated with tweets and FB posts about May 15 for months, mostly by friends from Barcelona. That was enough to get me to pay the $40 … Continue reading